About Uminova Innovation

Our business concept

Uminova Innovation AB contributes to commercialising business ideas. We offer a structured process and personal support, networks and a creative setting. Focus is on business ideas from researchers, employees and students at the university and hospital in Umeå and on innovative ideas from companies in the region.

Our projects

We work with a lot more than business incubation. We run projects to strenghten Umeå and Västerbotten as a life science region, Biotech Umeå, and as an IT-region: InfoTech Umeå. Compared to other incubators we follow the entrepreneurs and business ideas longer, something we believe makes the "expansion journey" safer. 

Innovation office

Innovation office North is one of eight innovations offices chosen by the government to work with innovation and collaboration. The innovation office is often the first step for researchers, employees and students at Umeå universitet towards realizing their ideas.

Enterprise Europe Network

Uminova Innovation helps researchers and companies find international partners through Enterprise Europe Network. We give advice on how you can develop an innovation, how to go about applying for financing from the EU, and on patent applications.

Uminova Innovation @ Arts campus

Besides our office and incubator in Uminova Science Park we are also located at Umeå Arts Campus which is situated by Umeälven in the centre of Umeå.

InfoTech Umeå

InfoTech Umeå works hard to give innovative people, companies and organizations in the region the best possible support in turning their ideas into IT innovations and successful companies. This is done by using Uminova Innovation´s proven processes, models, tools and network and adjusting these assets to the specific needs of IT related innovations.

Biotech Umeå

Within the Biotech Umeå clustre we work to facilitate growth for the life science companies in the region, in cooperation with regional, national and international partners. This is achieved by promoting the companies as well as the research in media and towards investors and partners. We also work with business development through Uminova Innovation's processes, in order to assist companies and researchers to commercialize and develop business concepts within the life science sector.

Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI)

Our subsidiary Umeå Biotech Incubator offers laboratories for product development within life science as well as business development for life science researchers .