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Develop your business

We challenge entrepreneurs and innovators

Uminova Innovation helps you to test and develop your business idea and build a growing company. We provide important knowledge, network and a business coach who challenges you to think BIG. Completely free of charge.

Regardless if you have unsorted thoughts on a paper, an almost finished business plan or an existing company - contact us. You can schedule a meeting or drop by on Idea Drop In, Thursdays 3pm - 5pm.

This is what you get

Experienced business coach 

Entrepreneurship can seem both complicated and lonely. At Uminova Innovation you get an experienced business coach who helps you focus on the right stuff, steer towards established goals and challenges you to think BIG.

Structured business support

Does entrepreneurship feel tricky? Don´t worry, we have developed a model that makes sure you do the right thing at the right time. We guide you through complicated regulations, strategic choices and show you how to avoid the pitfalls. 

Solid network

We have existed for more than 30 years. During this time we have built a substantial network. This gives you privileged access to the right people, companies and organisations. Our international network simplifies when you seek customers, suppliers, manufacturers or other partners abroad. Read more 

Inspiring environment

Welcome to an inspirational environment full of innovators and entrepreneurs. We can offer everything from the first conference room to a fully equipped office.

Coveted business training 

We develop your skills in areas such as leadership, financing, book-keeping, business development, communication & PR, sales, organisation and intellectual property. Read about our courses and seminars: 

Check our calender for start dates. You can also check out Biotech Umeå och InfoTech Umeå's events.