Kurt Strömgren

Business Coach, MedTech. Manager Biotech Umeå.

Kurt Strömgren has a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Umeå University with a major in Marketing and Accounting/Financing, and additional university studies in technology, business law and other areas of business and entrepreneurship. He as well started his career as a mechanical engineer. With a total of about 30 years in different fields he has experience from logistics, purchasing, and supply management in convenience goods as well as construction and production planning in the engineering industry. Since 1995 he is working as a business coach at Uminova Innovation, presently focusing on business ideas in medical technology and health care. As from December 2007 Kurt is responsible for one of Uminova Innovation’s prioritized operations, Biotech Umeå, a cluster initiative, focusing on increased growth of life science companies.