Summer Entrepreneur

Do you need a challenge this summer? Test your newly acquired academic knowledge and run a real business. As a summer entrepreneur, you start your own business and work for an assigned company on a consulting basis. You will work independently on meaningful tasks and will have the opportunity to put your newly acquired academic knowledge to good use. We find and arrange your assignment through our business contacts within the region. We match the employer’s needs with your skills and manage contacts between both of you to ensure a productive relationship. You get your own business coach, practical training and other things you might need to start your first business.

Besides an inspiring and flexible summer employment you gain a network of useful contacts and build on your experience. This may just be the break you need to realise your entrepreneurial dreams!


Read about previous summer entrepreneurs:

Frida Berglund för ENS, Umeå universitet. Runs Swedens leading interior design blog.
Gabriella Gall för Norrmejerier: Marketing and market survey of Gainomax in Denmark

This is how Summer entrepreneur works:

  • We look for assignments among companies and organizations in the region.
  • With their needs in mind we scan the studentapplications.
  • Between 10 to 25 lucky students get accepted.
  • At the first kick off you get to meet your employer and the other summer entrepreneurs. We help you start your business, and go through simple, important foundations for your business, like accounting and contracts. 
  • The company hires you on a consulting basis for 4-10 weeks, and you send a partial invoice in advance.
  • You get a business coach, which you can juggle your thoughts with, ask questions or sometimes just get encouragement from.  
  • In the end of the summer you and your business coach talk about how you experienced the summer and what your future plans are. 

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