Uminova Innovation

About Uminova Innovation

Uminova Innovation is one of Sweden’s top business incubators and selected for Vinnova’s Program of Excellence. Since the start in 2003 we have supported more than 150 companies, with more than 600 employees in total and a combined turnover of close to 850 million SEK, in developing their businesses and business ideas. While doing this we have helped reinforce and boost Umeå, Västerbotten, and Northern Sweden as a strong place for growth and development.

The support in business development

We support entrepreneurs of all stages, from that first seed of an idea, onto building a business, then scaling up and reaching an international market. We have three phases in our business development support. Start is our preincubation phase, Scale is our incubator phase, and Keep growing is where we offer support to companies who want to do just that – keep growing, with the addition of new kinds of competence, international contacts, help in marketing, etcetera. The Startup Program is where the freshest ideas and entrepreneurs are being challenged and start to develop.

The method

Our method ensures that you, and your business idea, will move forward; with speed and precision. You will invest your time and energy on the right things, in the right order, building a solid foundation for you company. From day one our entrepreneurs have to be ready to meet potential customers and be prepared to challenge their assumptions and hypothesis, all according to the Customer Development Methodology. Our method and approach is also based on the Lean methodology, with quick iterations to minimize waste and maximize learning.


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  • Part of Vinnova’s Program of Exellence for incubation.
  • We have three phases in our business development support. Start (our preincubation phase), Scale (our incubator phase) and Keep growing.
  • Have supported more than 150 companies, with more then 600 employees in total and a combined turnover close to 850 million SEK since the start in 2003.
  • Specialized in innovate and scaleable business ideas, or business ideas that solves real problems and has potential to grow on the market.
  • Have the competence to help entrepreneurs in all stages and phases, from idea, starting a company, scaling up, and going globally.
  • Has business developers with more than a century’s combined experience from building companies
  • A proven method, based on the Customer Development and Lean theories, to help you and your idea forward; with speed and precision.
  • Lay the foundation in for arenas and create environments where people with business ideas, entrepreneurs, talents, students, and investors can meet. Examples are Umeå Tech Arena, Match Up and the Investment Days at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.
  • An engine for the regions strong startup community that we relentlessly work to improve.

The region

Umeå and Västerbotten is one of the most innovative regions in Europe that attracts students, researchers, entrepreneurs, talents, and investors from all corners of the world. Our principal owner, Umeå University with its 32 000 students, generates new knowledge and world class creativity. In 2017, for the second consecutive year, Umeå Institute of Design was ranked as the best product design education in the world. The region is also renowned for its many strong tech companies with innovations that address the major problems, and there is a constant flow of new companies. For entrepreneurs and growing businesses the environment and conditions are very good, and still Uminova Innovation work relentlessly and passionately to strengthen the region even more. We want to be the innovation system’s engine and an obvious party for interesting collaborations.

The events

We are trying to build arenas and create environments where people with business ideas, entrepreneurs, talents, students, investors and people with different experiences can meet. And we encourage everyone to get involved. Our popular events is also a way to show the rest of the world the intensity of the combined power of the regions startup community. Uminova Innovation is also part of Vinnova’s project Ignite Sweden, aiming to match startups with more mature companies searching for new ideas and collaborations.

  • Umeå University (Umeå University Holding) – principal owner 50.3%
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU Holding) – 8.5%
  • Umeå Municipality (Umeå Kommunföretag) – 25.2%
  • Region Västerbotten – 16 %


  • Roland Carlsson (chairperson)
  • Camilla Viklund (Umeå University)
  • Peter Juneblad (enterprise manager, Umeå kommun)
  • Johanna Björklund (researcher in computational science at Umeå University and partner in CodeMill)
  • Clas Ahlm (FOU director, Region Västerbotten)
  • Anna Pettersson (Director of Region Västerbotten)
  • Urban Eriksson (CEO, SLU Holding)

Annual Report Uminova Innovation 2017