Online seminar – Ready for the US-market?

8th of October 2020 14:30 CET – 16:30 CET

How should you take on the US-market as a foreign company? Are you exploring or ready to launch? Welcome to our online seminar that will give you the opportunity to learn more about what you should take into account when making your first steps into the US-market. We will focusing on B2B-sales and attacking this topic from both a Swedish and an American perspective.

Topics that will be covered:
  • Find your first US-customer
  • Challenges with B2B-sales in the US
  • Cultural differences
  • Doing business in the US during a pandemic
  • Accelerators as a springboard
  • Do and don’ts


Isak Finér, CMO & VP North America at COS Systems AB

Isak Finér, moved with his family from Umeå, Sweden to Blacksburg, VA, to run COS Systems AB operations in the US. For several years, COS Systems has been ranked as one of the leading companies in the United States in the expansion of broadband. The industry magazine Broadband Communities, for example, has for several years in a row listed the company among the top 100 in the US.


Robert Napoli, Co-founder and Principal at HapDay Group INC, NYC

Rob Napoli, an accomplished speaker and startup advisor, is experienced in talent acquisition, sales, and marketing both with and for startups and Fortune 500 companies. He also initiated the HapDay Virtual B2B-sales bootcamp as part of their services for helping you to scaling and launching your business in the US market.

All you need to know

Date and time: Thursday 8th of October, 14.30 CET-16.30 CET
Where: On Zoom
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