Eventen Uminova Innovation

The events

You need a lot of different components and things when building a business: an idea, inspiration, encouragement, advice from a whole network of people with experience from similar journeys, and probably also additional capital somewhere along the road. To increase the probability for all of these things (and people) to come together we are trying to build arenas and environments where people with business ideas, entrepreneurs, talents, students, investors and people with different experiences can meet. Also, our events is a way to show the rest of the world the intensity of the combined power on the regions startup community and the smorgasbord of options and possibilities that we have here. All events are free of charge.

Umeå Tech Arena

Umeå Tech Arena is an event that twice per year attracts an audience of more than 400 people, with themes on innovation and tech. We invite hot speakers from the tech community and upcoming startups pitch in front of a jury of Sweden’s business elite and other experts. We also take the opportunity to eat, mingle, and make new contacts. And soak up a lot of inspiration.

Investment Day at Grand Hôtel Stockholm

Once per year, during the Västerbotten weeks at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, we organize sector specific investment days focusing on for instance life science and clean tech. Our startups get to meet international and national niche investors and potential partners. The relatively intimate, friendly and professional atmosphere makes the Investment Day very appreciated by both investors and companies, and it gives results. The life science event (Biotech Umeå Investment Day) is arranged in collaboration with our sister incubator Umeå Biotech Incubator.

Match Up

Match Up is a yearly recurring event with aim and focus to build and add to networks, sow seeds of inspiration and pep. We invite people from our extensive network of entrepreneurs, company managers, homecomers, and international contacts, as well as the companies in our incubator. At Match Up you are served pitches, interesting talks, meaningful mingle, and loads of new contacts.

Heat Up

This is a event on the smaller scale that we arrange some four times per year, and where anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, or runs a company, can have lunch with us while listening to an interesting speaker sharing their views on a hot and current topic. This event has a more intimate setting that opens up for questions and dialogue.

Startup Coffee

This is our and Venture Cups event specifically aimed at students. We want to inspire and encourage students in getting involved in the regions startup community and Startup Coffee is the perfect event for curious minds. We have brekkie together and listen to an invited speaker. The theme often revolves around different routes that lead to becoming an entrepreneur, working with innovations and ways to get involved.

Demo Day

Demo Day is the Grand Finale for the entrepreneurs in the Startup Program. The pitch competition, somewhere down town Umeå, is the centerpiece of this event, where the business ideas pitch in front of a handpicked jury. Stipends of a total sum of 50 000 SEK are awarded and the winner is announced on stage at Umeå Tech Arena later in the evening. Packed with nerves and energy, Demo Day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Startup Program. Maybe you will pitch your business idea the next time round.