Umeå Tech Arena, June 2 2020 – See it all again

On Umeå Tech Arena, June 2, we dived into the world of drones. What can they do today? What fantastic opportunities are yet to be explored? And what are the mayor challenges that has to be addressed?

This time Umeå Tech Arena was held digitally. Only

Below you can see the complete broadcast of Umeå Tech Arena (92 minutes) aswell as separate clips of the keynotes from Petra Dalunde, Niclas Börlin and Helena Samsioe aswell as the fireside chat.

The agenda is found below

  • Welcome, 7 minutes
    by hosts Maria Olofsson and Linus Stark, Uminova Innovation
  • Keynote by Petra Dalunde – Large scale, regular drone traffic in urban environments, 19 minutes
    More and more people are moving into the cities. Why not go 3D and use all possible space for mobility, security and better livelihood? Drones could become enablers but first a lot of challenges has to be addressed why we wanted to build a testbed in Kista – Stockholm UAM Lab.
  • Keynote by Niclas Börlin – Drones for mapping, 15 minutes
    Niclas Börlin will give some technical background and show how drones can be used for mapping purposes, with applications from industry, civil engineering, and cultural heritage.
  • Pause and drone flight over Umeå, 6 minutes
  • Drones in Västerbotten – What’s happening at home?, 4 minutes
  • Keynote by Helena Samsioe – How are drones making a difference today?, 16 minutes
    Helena Samsioe, CEO & Founder of GLOBHE, will show you how GLOBHE is solving real life challenges with drones around the world.
  • Fireside chat – The future of drones, 17 minutes
    With Petra Dalunde, Johan Söderberg and Linda Nyström. Moderator Maria Olofsson
  • Closing talk, 3 minutes
    by Maria Olofsson and Linus Stark