Innovationsstödsystemet Uminova Innovation

The Innovation support system

Uminova Innovation is part of Umeå and surrounding region’s successful innovations’ system. In a rapport from Dag Hjalmarsson, former Director-General for governmentally commissioned Growth Analysis, he describes a very well-coordinated and established innovations’ support system that actively contributes in making Umeå one of the fastest growing places.

Uminova Innovation is a broad spectrum business incubator, niched towards tech and sectors such as IT, Cleantech, Medtech, Digital health, and Welltech.

Umeå University Holdning is home to the University’s innovations office, Innovation Office North, which supports researchers, teachers and students on matters regarding utilization and commercialization of scientific findings and other knowledge intense ideas. SLU Holding runs SLU: s innovations office with similar setup and services.

In addition to Uminova Innovation there are other business incubators here, such as Umeå Biotech Incubator, UBI, focusing on biomedicine and diagnostics and eXpression Umeå, working with artistic and cultural businesses’.

Having capital, venture or owner capital, is important for most startups. Well-functioning collaborations makes it easier and reduces the risk for both parties, which is why we at Uminova Innovation work in close collaboration with PartnerInvest Norr, Northern Light Capital, and Fort Knox.

In addition to us, there are many other important players in the region’s innovations’ support system that jointly help and support entrepreneurs and innovations with different aspects. These are some of them.

BIC Factory

Venture Cup

Almi Nord

Connect Norr


Arctic Business Incubator