Metoden Uminova Innovation

The Method

Our business support ensures that you, and your business idea, will move forward; with speed and precision. Guided by our method and approach you will invest your time and energy on the right things, at the right order, building a solid foundation for you company. If your business idea falls through, fails, does not work or has the substance you thought, our method will help you find out as soon as possible; so you can move on to other important things. Possibly to a new business idea that surfaced while you were working on that first idea. A quiet common phenomena we have noticed.

Being an entrepreneur has its highs and lows. Sometimes you are on a roll, with new things to celebrate every other day. At other times it is really tough and succeeding feels inconceivable. This is when you need the most support and why one of our most important tasks is to encourage and boost you at all times, so you take that next step on your journey. But we are also here to give you advice and help to see alternative routes forward. Here at Uminova Innovation you become part of a community and a fellowship of other entrepreneurs embarking on that same journey.

Customer Development and Lean

Finding a market willing to pay for your product or service is central for any entrepreneur setting out on their journey. Finding this market is not something that you can do alone in your office, or on our premises. You do it by listening to potential customers; by talking to them and by getting a real understanding for their wants, needs and problems. What would be beneficial and could create value for them? Use this understanding and these insights as you develop and refine our business idea. Being an entrepreneur at Uminova Innovation means that you, from day one, will have to be ready to meet potential customer and you must be willing to challenge your assumptions and hypothesis. All according to the Customer Development Methodology. Another cornerstone in our approach is the Lean Methodology where you work with quick iterations, to minimize waste of time and resources and to maximize learning. Instead of building a product and launching it, just to realize that the customers want something different. Our entrepreneurs work on developing their Minimal Viable Products (MVP), try it on their customers, listen to their input to evaluate, improve and continue developing, and then try on their customers. Again and again.

Networking and events

Alone is alone, and a risk for becoming single minded. A strong network of talents, experienced entrepreneurs, scientific expertise, investors and collaborators can be an invaluable source of insights as you develop your business. To help you add to your network; and in the long run to your company, we nurture networks by building different arenas where you as an entrepreneur can meet these people. Our events, packed with energy and people, are the perfect places to make those valuable connections and get vitalizing inspiration.