Life Science companies in the region

Västerbotten is well stocked with competitive life science companies of all sub categories, from probiotic products, drug development, advanced diagnostics, medtech and digital health to service providers and consultants. Many companies originate from scientific findings, or have a close collaboration with researchers, and most have unique solutions and innovations to crucial problems. We have listed the regions life science and biotech companies so you easier can find your future suppliers, partners or investment prospects. Or maybe they want your competence so that you, together, can make great things happen. Go through the list from top to bottom, or based on category, either way click away to discover them all.

We aim to keep this list updated, so if you miss a company, or if you know that a company has changed name or closed down, please contact Karin Borge Renberg.


Behavioral Informatics

Bioresonator Good Eye

Brain Stimulation


Denzir is one of Sweden's oldest dental ceramics milling centers with good knowledge of CAD/CAM and the new technology.

Dicom Port

Quality assurance in radiology

For Life Academy

Digital treatment program for childhood obesity

Instrube Health


Tools for assessing cerebrospinal fluid dynamics for differentiating between dementia and NPH, i.e. treatable dementia


Next generation Solid State Lighting: Organic Light-emitting thin flexible patches, printable in room condition


Cleaning air in healthcare


Medirob Tele: ultrasound examinations over distance Medirob Ergo: ergonomic aids for ultrasound examinations


Exact real time prostate cancer diagnosis

Megra Studio

Megra Studio create animations, illustrations and infographics for teaching and marketing in Medicine and Science


IQoro® helps people with eating and swallowing difficulties, snoring or sleep apnoea to regain their quality of life

Nordic Biomarker

Nordic Health Innovation


Photon Sports Technologies

User friendly 3D-camera based tool for automatic feedback during speed training of athletes. We make you fast faster!

Protecta Medical


RSA Biomedical

Excellence in digital orthopaedic measurements

SDB Biotech


We develop and market innovative monitoring systems that prevent complications, reduce healthcare costs and save lives

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Umeå. The leading private sports medicine and orthopedic clinic in Northern Sweden.