Karl-Erik Johansson

Project Manager Enterprise Europe Network

Since 1988 Karl-Erik Johansson has worked on making use of scientific findings and innovations. For the most part as a business developer at Uminova Innovation and its predecessor, but also as an entrepreneur running his own life science startup; primarily with international customers.

Karl-Erik has worked for two years as administrative official on financial matters for small and newly started companies and he now manages our group of international business development, working mainly towards EU and as an advisor for EU financing for small and middle sized companies.

Karl-Erik feels strongly for making small and middle sized companies in northern Sweden make use of the opportunities in financing and market access that our membership in EU opens up for.

When putting work aside, Karl-Erik has a soft spot for European vintage cars, preferably sports cars from the 60-ties, 70-ties, and 80-ties.

Karl-Erik Johansson has a Master of Science in Business and Economics, with a focus on international businesses, marketing, organization and leadership, form Umeå University.