Kurt Strömgren

Business Developer Enterprise Europe Network

Kurt Strömgren has more than 35 years of professional experience. With the focus on developing the region through business development he has worked with early stage companies, but also in different positions in established companies. The work has, in part, been carried out through collaborations with other actors and organizations promoting businesses and entrepreneurship on regional, national, and international arenas.

Over the years Kurt has accumulated a wide range of experience including a practical and a strategic mindset, and verifying and developing the business on a defined market based on customers’ needs is part of this.

Kurt started as a business developer at Uminova Innovation in 1995 and since then he has worked with different aspects of business development, presently with the focus on business ideas in medtech, health care, and digital health. Since 2008 Kurt is manager for one of Uminova Innovations prioritized initiatives, Biotech Umeå, a life science cluster for growth in Northern Sweden.

Before starting at Uminova Innovation Kurt worked with logistics, purchase and inventories in consumer goods, and before this in the engineering industry as a constructor, in planning the production and as metalworker.

The outcome and the result is what matters to Kurt, the way getting there may be straight or winding. Either way Kurt contributes with his perception, commitment, competence, and as a sparring partner to support you, being a partner or an innovator, to reach your business goals.

Kurt Strömgren has a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Umeå University focusing on marketing, accounting, financing and business law. In addition he has added a bit of extra spice to his education through additional courses at Luleå University of Technology and business related and IPR educations during his years at Uminova Innovation. Kurt started as mechanical engineer and is an educated platoon leader.