5G på Umeå Tech Arena
Karl Forsman, Johan Forsman and Jenny Eklund will all talk about 5G at Umeå Tech Arena, November 28.

5G at Umeå Tech Arena

Umeå Tech Arena is Uminova Innovations meetup for innovators, investors and people who love tech. One of the topics on November 28 will be 5G, the next generation of mobile communication.

– Mobile communication has transformed over four generations. The generation to come – 5G – can handle large amounts of data in new and more advanced ways. But the question is – will 5G be an evolution or a revolution? What are the possibilities in the wake of the 5G hype? Will the new technical baseline enable industrial gain or is this just another technical step making Netflix more accessible for the private consumer?, says Linus Stark, marketer at Uminova Innovation who arranges Umeå Tech Arena.

At Umeå Tech Arena November 28, Karl Forsman, business consultant and Johan Forsman, business developer both at Tieto, will talk about the 5G evolution and explore the scenario of having a fully established national 5G network focusing on the forestry industry.

5G test city

In the summer of 2018 it was announced that Umeå will be the first 5G test city in Sweden – putting both Umeå and Sweden in the forefront of development of new infrastructures and services in Europe. The project Umeå 5G focuses on building the infrastructure and innovation arena for 5G in Umeå, starting with the university and the university hospital but also creating a space in the whole city where future products, services – and business models – can be developed and tested

Jenny Eklund, coordinator at Umeå 5G, will also talk at Umeå Tech Arena. Her focus is why 5G is important for everyone in Umeå. And why you as a startup, industry or enterprise should be a part of Umeå 5G.

Umeå Tech Arena

Umeå Tech Arena ir arranged at Norrlandsoperan November 28.