Mikael Östberg och Simon Dahl visar upp nya appen Memotus, som ger stöd för råd kring idrottsskador.
Mikael Östberg och Simon Dahl visar upp nya appen Memotus, som ger stöd för råd kring idrottsskador.

App dealing with injuries gets million investment

Thanks to the app Memotus, everyday athletes can get advice from sports medicine experts. An app and a service that now gets a three million investment.

The company Instrube Health is happy to welcome Partnerinvest and Läkarjouren as partners and for the addition of both competence and three million SEK in capital. The company, with the ambition and tools to provide advice from sports medicine experts via the app Memotus, is in Uminova Innovation’s incubator.

–Having this addition of experience, competence, and capital feels great especially since we are facing a very exciting phase in our development, says Mikael Östberg, CEO.

Advice form experienced experts

Most of us can probably recognize a situation where we have some minor pains and that getting the right help is difficult. In order to deal with this Simon Dahl and Mikael Östberg, with team, have developed the digital service Memotus. The service will help everyday athletes in getting advice from experienced sport medicine experts, and in the process prevent minor pains and issues from becoming injuries.

–We want everyone, regardless if you are an everyday or professional athlete, to enjoy exercise and an active lifestyle without being hampered by pains and injuries that relatively easily could be taken care of. So, we gathered this network of sports medicine experts that can give individual advice within 24 hours. Often it is very straight forward for them to give advice that helps you get rid of the problem, without having to visit the primary care, says Mikael.

A strong team of entrepreneurs and a big market potential.

Mattias Eriksson, Partnerinvest Norr

Investors: “A big potential”

–At Läkarjouren we have a great experience and understanding of how the healthcare system in Sweden works and we believe that Memotus has the potential to become an important addition for people who need sports medicine advice, says Annika Högström founder of Läkarjouren.

–We have followed the company for some time and we think, for several reasons, that Memotus is interesting. For one, they have a strong team of entrepreneurs working in the company, also we see a substantial market potential as their service address a defined need, says Mattias Eriksson Investment Manager at Parterinvest Norr.

The addition of capital will be put to work to secure additional competence and to market the Memotus service, and also for further technical adaptions.

The business developer: “On the right track”

Since autumn 2016 the company has been one of the companies and business ideas that receives support from Uminova Innovation, with Andreas Lind as the company’s business developer.

–It is, of course, great when our companies attract new partners and capital. It proves that our companies are on the right track and that our business support contributes to new innovative business ideas. I am convinced that Memotus, together with Partnerinvest and Läkarjouren, will continue to develop and grow, says Andreas.

The beta version of Memotus was launched in AppStore during the Easter holidays. In this version users can get individual counseling and advice from sports medicine experts, but they also have the possibility to watch clips with free advice and preventive exercises for common problems and injuries, from an expanding library of clips with relevant tips.

A library with clips and tips

In addition to custom advice from experts the app Memotus provides filmed clips that describe different injuries and problems. In the example below you see Per Jonsson, physiotherapist specialized in sports medicine, as he describes the symptoms and cause of heel spur.

Text by: M. Hansson (SV)/ K. Renberg (ENG)

Published: 6 April, 2018

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M. Hansson (SV)/ K. Renberg (ENG)

6 April, 2018