Massor av nya kontakter får bolag som medverkar i Tillväxtverkets Startup Sweden. Här en bild från en tidigare omgång då Thingmap och Shimmercat från Umeå deltog.
Apply for Startup-Sweden.

Apply for Startup-Sweden

Startup-Sweden is a boot camp for the most promising digital startups in Sweden. Apply now.

Startup-Sweden gives 10 companies the opportunity to expand their networks via contacts with other companies, financiers, potential customers and partners. These companies also get practical advice and know-how in business development – from other startups as well as from experts in various fields.

Last but not least, these companies are given the opportunity to meet with private and public investors at Sweden’s biggest demo day for digital enterprises – Sweden Demo Day.

Next boot camp will be held in Stockholm on 26 – 30 November, 2018. Last day to apply is 20 October.

Read more and apply.

Text by: Mikael Hansson

Published: 2 October, 2018

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Mikael Hansson

2 October, 2018