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Biotech Umeå Investment Day – a partnering event worth coming back to

Biotech Umeå Investment Day – a partnering event worth coming back to

Successful partnering and ongoing discussions – a gateway to success

Key factors for any, but in particular smaller, companies or projects, is having the insights about where and how the company needs to go, the financial power necessary and the network to facilitate this.
A lot of the focus of Biotech Umeå Investment Day is to make it easier for the entrepreneurs behind the companies to address these key factors. With close to 80 partnering meetings, not counting the many meetings that took place outside the partnering program, between companies and investors, we are definitely on the way. And many of the meetings were fruitful; several companies are continuing discussions that started at the investment day.

The investors were impressed

Though the investment day is something of an annually reoccurring event it is not static, instead the event has changed and evolved over the years; with a greater focus on preparing the companies for partnering meetings, providing them with greater understanding of what investors and partners are interested in, and want to see.
One of the novelties this year, where the chance to get external help in producing a realistic budget. And the companies certainly did their homework, on both budget and with the appreciated non-confidential handouts.

The partnering companies were excellent, as one investor put it.

Another novelty were the pre-recorded investors pitches, which not only served as a company introduction before the investment event, but also as useful material that the companies easily can share with other potential collaborators of investors.

—The pre-recorded investors pitch, allowed me to focus on the actual partnering meetings, says one of the entrepreneurs.


Partners and investors from Sweden and abroad- who want to come back

Other than the partnering session the participants also had the chance to listen the views of, Magnus Björsne ,Astra Zeneca, Jacob Tellgren, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Magnus Gink, Philips Healthcare, Ingrid Heath, SwedenBIO and Jennie Ekbeck, Umeå Biotech Incubator.

To summarize Biotech Umeå Investment Day 2015 was a successful event for attending companies, investors, partners and sponsors. The investors and partners were very impressed with both companies and with the entire event. In fact a survey revealed that 100 % of the investors were very to extremely happy with the partnering event and 92 % are very keen on participating next year. This is inspiring for next year; when we look forward to welcoming both them and new investors and partners to a new Biotech Umeå Investment Day.


Text: Karin Borge Renberg

Photo: Karin Borge Renberg

Text by: Karin Borge-Renberg

Published: 16 March, 2015

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Karin Borge-Renberg

16 March, 2015