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Cleantech takes Medtech Company to top position

Cleantech takes Medtech Company to top position

The ranking was compiled as a total of 113 companies were scrutinized by Nordic Cleantech Open and an international jury of influential representatives from venture arms of multinational companies.


Flexible and sustainable light patches

LunaLEC develops flexible and sustainable light patches, for printed electronics and medtech devices, devices that easily can be powered by standard AAA- or watch batteries.


Light as treatment

This technique can be used in medical applications, treating a number of symptoms, for instance in photodynamic treatment (PDT) of basal cell carcinoma and Actinic Keratosis (AC), or for treating infant jaundice.

Interesting and important applications, in the long run however, the technology can be used for lighting as well, but LunaLECs initial focus lies on providing functional light.


Promising future

Being recognized by Nordic Cleantech Open is a good omen, companies acknowledged in previous years have been very successful in attracting venture capital, achieving high growth and improving environmental performance within their fields.


Text: Karin Borge Renberg