Collaboration with top ranked accelerator in Canada creates new opportunities

Uminova Innovation has initiated a collaboration with DMZ in Toronto, a world leading accelerator for tech startups in Canada.

Uminova Innovations is one of the co-organizers of the global AI-matchmaking event Sweden Innovation Days 17th-19th of November. As a part of this we have initiated a collaboration with Ryerson University in Toronto and their accelerator DMZ, the no 1 accelerator in the world connected to a university according to UBI Global.

Johannes Dyring is Assistant Vice President for Business Development och Strategic Initiatives at Ryerson University, and he thinks the collaboration will benefit actors on both side of the Atlantic ocean.

– Canada and Sweden have many values in common like our views on economic, societal and environmental development. It is a natural and logic step to build and develop multiple pathways of “tech trade and commercial development”. Bringing together two world class incubator and accelerators, Uminova Innovation and DMZ as well as industry-oriented research institutions in dynamic regions such as Umea and Toronto means that we can expect attractive and sustainable solutions that address global challenges like a new economic and technology environment, or climate change, Johannes Dyring explains.

Long-term commitment to international relations

– Uminova Innovation has delivered a consistent track record connecting innovators, entrepreneurs with business networks and capital. Today it is an established key player in the regional eco-system including the internationally renowned research institutions Umeå unviersity and SLU. My general observation is that early stage venture development is widening its scope and becoming more international. Uminova Innovation has early-on engaged in international networking, and, consequently, become a bridgehead for efficient cross-border collaboration, Johannes Dyring continues.

Peter Bäckström, International Business Developer at Uminova Innovation and Enterprise Europe Network Västerbotten, agrees that international collaborations are needed to succeed in global markets. He also looks forward to see what the new collaboration can generate.

– We are happy to work closely with a partner as DMZ who with their quality of both processes, startups and commitment for international collaborations really have boosted us. I am sure that this partnership will be a foundation for several exciting collaborations between startups, SMEs and corporates in Västerbotten and Canada, Peter Bäckström says.

– The first step of the collaboration is that we both have nominated startups and corporations from Canada and Umeå to participate in the global AI-matchmaking that will take place on November 19 at Sweden Innovation Days, Peter Bäckström explains.

About Sweden Innovation Days

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Sweden Innovations Days is a three-day worldwide event with AI in focus that will take place on 17-19 November. The program for the event includes seminars, panel discussions, workshops, success stories, and the world’s largest matchmaking ever between enterprises and startups! Organized by AI Innovation of Sweden, Energimyndigheten, Ignite Sweden, SISP and Vinnova. Read more and sign up here.


Text by: Linus Stark

Published: 12 November, 2020

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Linus Stark

12 November, 2020