Joachim Ljungquist, vd och grundare av Content Central.
Content Central is now launching their Wryter platform in London. Joachim Ljungquist is the CEO of Content Central.

Content Central is launching in London

The Umeåbased media company Content Central is now launching Wryter in London, an intuitive content planning platform for newspapers and publishers.

Content Central has for more than four years developed the Wryter platform with the goal to make the life easier for news desks at newspapers and publishers worldwide. The platform makes it easier to plan, produce and distribute articles. Wryter was launched in London by Content Centrals CEO Joachim Ljunquist and collaborators this Tuesday.

Content Central started as a winner in the Swedish Business Plan-contest Venture Cup back in 2013. The initial focus was to build a marketplace where free-lance journalists could sell their articles to newspapers and publishers.  One year later, Content Central had more than 3.000 freelance journalists and photographers on its marketplace.

Content production platform

The marketplace is still up and running, but the focus has shifted to the new platform.

“We discovered that media companies needed tools to increase their ability to plan what content to produce, delegate assignments to journalists or freelancers, enable collaborations and have full control over the process. Four years later, we can now introduce Wryter who can do all this,” says Joachim Ljungquist.

At its core, Wryter is a platform who controls the whole process. In Wryter you can see everything from planning of content to responsibilities, status, comments, communication, deadlines, photo archives and the editorial calendar. The goal is to make life easier for journalists and editors with increased efficiency.

Just a couple of days ago, Content Central communicated that they have signed a deal with a large Swedish publisher. Content Central will now deliver content to 28 local Swedish newspapers through the Wryter platform.

Official launch

The official launch of the platform was at WeWork in London where Joachim Ljungquist has his office. The platform will now be rolled out to customers in the London area together with a business partner. Since London is one of the biggest media markets worldwide its natural for Content Central to have a presence there.

“Since day one we have had a focus on the international market and it feels good to have signed the first deal here in London. We have worked close with customers in the London area for the last two years to validate the product and the platform have been beta tested in real production for half a year,” says Joachim Ljungquist.

Not a straight road

When to launch a product or service is something that is quite hard to know. You usually develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and then validate it together with customers.

“Of course we started with a MVP, but I would say that the MVP is on steroids now. The development of a new software is not a straight road. We have made mistakes along the way and has started over and changed focus many times.  And when is a software like this ready? Never, I would say. But finally, you must decide when the product is ready to launch. And its time for that now,” concludes Joachim Ljungquist.

The company is today owned by Almi Invest, 500 startups, PartnerInvest Norr, Digitala Tillväxtkassan, Fort Knox and the founder Joachim Ljungquist as well as some key partners. They have also received business support from Uminova Innovation and Enterprise Europe Network during the years.

Peter Bäckström about Content Central

Peter Bäckström is Business Developer at Uminova Innovation and Enterprise Europe Network and has helped Content Central during the years. Here is his comments of Content Centrals development.

  • The road to the global market
    Since the beginning both the founders and other collaborators have realised that Content Centrals market is global. The fact that they have been successful in raising capital from both domestic and international venture capitalists is one sign of this. I have worked closely with Joachim and his teams international journey and I do know how hard they have been working to understand the UK market. They have been very dedicated to their task and has been open to change their strategy according to the market need.
  • Key factors for international success
    Work systematically to understand the customers need, it can differ a lot from the domestic market.
    Build your own network in the country you have selected.
    Don’t underestimate the time it may take to enter a completely new market.
    Use digital resources like LinkedIn already in a early stage to scan and understand how the choosen market works and behave.
  • What help can you get?
    Through the Enterprise Europe Network-office at Uminova Innovation innovative startups with global ambitions can receive a massive amount of business support. We are supporting them to make the most of the opportunities on the European market by promoting business and technology partnering opportunities at a local, regional, national and international level, across a broad range of industrial and service sectors. We also help businesses to build their innovation capacity and meet their capital requirements. Startups connected to a business incubator can also get even more help in their work towards a international presence.