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Do not not make use of a summer entrepreneur!

Do not not make use of a summer entrepreneur!

Maybe you have a task you do not quite have the time to finish, a new geographic area or market you want to gain access to, a new strategy for your sale process, a new web-solution or an app?
These students come with inspiring possibilities and impressive knowledge, and by hiring a summer entrepreneur you avoid the hassle with recruitments and employment conditions.


Why does Uminova Innovation do this? For the twelfth year in a row we simply want to see the birth of new entrepreneurs and at the same time help companies within the region to grow. Together with our partners, we offer all the practical support to the entrepreneurs, and after a recruitment process, the best students for each assignment/task is selected.


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Text by: Karin Borge-Renberg

Published: 2 March, 2015

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Karin Borge-Renberg

2 March, 2015