At Umeå Tech Arena on May 14 a panel with Daniel Akenine, Lena Fridlund Forsgren and Anna Nordlander discussed how technology will shape the future to come. Linus Stark from Uminova Innovation led the conversation.

Do we want autonomous cars?

New tech often make things more convient for us as humans. But can it be to much? That was one of the discussions in a panel talk at Umeå Tech Arena on May 14.

When Umeå Tech Arena focused on tech that do good the discussions were both broad and narrow. A panel consisting of Daniel Akenine from Microsoft, Lena Fridlund Forsgren, PartnerInvest Norr and Anna Nordlander, E-commerce and Amazonexpert, was talking about how tech is shaping the future.

All of them agreed that most tech eventually succed.

– If you look historically on it most tech do tip over in the end. Its all about maturity, need and price. But it’s difficult to see when the timing is right in beforehand, Lena Fridlund Forsgren argues.

– If you look at autonomous driving for exemple, it will tip over and it will go very fast when it happens. Because its all about when the technology is mature enough and the price is lower than traditional cars, Daniel Akenine explains.

– I have an Alexa at home (Amazons virtual assistant, editorial note), but I would not say I really use it. I have not found the big need yet. But eventually I will, Anna Nordlander points out.

Listen to all their insights from the panel discussion in the clip below