Peter Lidström, vd COS Systems, och Mats Berggren, vd Umeå Energi Umenet.
Peter Lidström, CEO COS Systems, and Mats Berggren, CEO Umea Energi Umenet.

Electric utility renews agreement with COS Systems

Umeå Energi have chosen to renew their contract with COS Systems.

The Electric Utility Umea Energi has expanded their fiber network significantly during the last years. With a larger footprint and new technologies emerging they have chosen to renew their contract with COS Systems for their continuous use of COS Business Engine for efficient operations and automated service activations of their Open Access fiber network.

Umea Energi is a municipally owned electric utility in the University town of Umea, Sweden. It first started building out the fiber optic network in the 90’s, but has increased the pace in their build-out in the last five years, while the take-rates have also improved greatly as consumers need for reliable high-speed data increases. Older technologies to connect to the internet are becoming obsolete.

The Utility has been using COS Business Engine as their BSS/OSS (Business and Operations Support System) since 2012. The system consists of everything from the online Marketplace where subscribers can choose services from 15 different service providers to the administrative backend system that automates everything from service activation to wholesale billing.

COS System is a company that Uminova Innovation has supported.