Pontus Kressner, Smart Video, to the left, during matchmaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Pontus Kressner, Smart Video, to the left, during matchmaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Fast-track to international customers

Through the Enterprise Europe Network, Smart Video is able to meet international clients and partners at the World Trade Fair in Barcelona.

Umeå-based company Smart Video was recently given the opportunity to meet large international companies, both as potential customers and partners, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest trade fair for the mobile industry. This was thanks to a match-making event organized on location by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

“Although it takes some time to travel to trade fairs like the Mobile World Congress, it is definitely worth it, especially because Uminova Innovation are there to provide support throughout the process. I have learned that it is very important that you really spend time preparing for the fair and contacting a large number of interesting companies to participate. The more preparation, the more value is gained,” says Pontus Kressner, Business Manager at Smart Video.

Global growth

Uminova Innovation is one of EEN’s regional partners and is specialized in helping young, innovative, and technology-intensive companies to rapidly expand globally. One type of Uminova Innovation’s key tools are the brokerage events that are organized in conjunction with major international fairs.

“A brokerage event is a kind of speed-dating event for companies seeking new international partners. EEN’s regional partners around the world organise these events. As a participant you get your own login and can browse among other registered participants and book meetings with those you think are most relevant,” says Peter Bäckström, international business developer at Uminova Innovation.

More concrete business contacts

Pontus Kressner feels that the networking at Mobile World Congress was time well spent for Smart Video.

“There was good variety of companies that participated, which made my work as a seller more easy. Everyone was there to network and meet interesting companies, which allowed me to meet around 15 interesting people. These are people who we would otherwise have failed to identify and book a meeting with,” says Pontus Kressner.

However, match-making is only the beginning.

“In fact, we have had ten follow-up meetings over Skype, which will probably result in at least a couple of new customers or partners. Among other things, we have sent a few offers to companies we met in Barcelona,” says Pontus Kressner.

Pontus Kressner on what he brings home from the International Fair:
  • A large bundle of business cards from potential customers and partners. The entire industry is gathered at Mobile World Congress, making it a great opportunity for networking.
  • Trend-knowledge about what happens next. Partly on a higher level in terms of technology switches like 5G, but above all industry-specific trends that will be of great use.
  • Gratitude for Uminova Innovation for their support of entrepreneurial companies like us by organizing activities like this!
  • Preparation for the future.

Insightful experience

Even if the match-making does not directly result in business for all participants, a startup learns a lot from coming along.

“To formulate their offer before the trade fair is important to get the most out of their participation. Being able to present your offer for a company that you have never met and from a completely different culture as a startup is also an important lesson for many,” says Peter Bäckström.

Peter Bäckström´s three tips for international trade fairs

Peter Bäckström, business developer at Enterprise Europe Network and Uminova Innovation, emphasizes that it is important to be out in good time at trade shows, get to meetings already booked and to follow up afterwards. But he also raises these three tips:

  • Before you go, explore which side events are taking place during the trade week. These events can often provide good networking opportunities with a limited group of people relevant to your business.
  • Don’t forget to go to the fair with an open mind and make sure you have some space in your calendar for spontaneous meetings as well.
  • Use LinkedIn and connect to relevant industry groups to find out who will attend the fair in your feed.
Facts about Smart Video

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