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Annelie Weinehall (left) and Filip Vikström have both been summer entrepreneurs.

Get one of Umeå’s sharpest students to work for you

Get one of Umeå’s sharpest students to work for you


A summer entrepreneur can do what you do not have time to do and complete, with fresh eyes and impressive knowledge. Do you need help to build a strategy for your sales process, make costumer enquiries, find new web-solution or make an app? With the helping hands from an independent and competent summer entrepreneur, you can turn these boring to-do piles into something really great. Uminova Innovation match the students to the right projects from startups and other companies.


We know how it is. Important projects stacked in piles. There simply is not enough time or the right competence within the team. And sometimes you need to see things from a different perspective.

By employing a summer entrepreneur …
• you get the job done – for a reasonable cost, by a committed and driven student with a specific competence profile.
• avoid the hassle of recruiting, with interviews, employee responsibilities etc.
• can add someone to your company’s network that potentially may become part of your team
• give a student a challenging summer job, with inspiring glances of the startup  world/ business/ work life and a chance to start a company (education for this is included)


You simply start by describing the competence you need. Describe a well-defined assignment or project. We take care of the entire recruiting process. We select a few sharp students from the approximately 150 applications (from students with different educations and different backgrounds), interview and pick the student most suitable for your assignment. As a summer entrepreneur, the student starts a company and work as a consultant on your project for a period of four to ten weeks. The majority of the assignments are conducted throughout June to August, but you and your summer entrepreneur agree on what works best for you. You only pay 190 SEK per hour (VAT exclusive). You receive an invoice from the summer entrepreneur without intermediaries.

Your next step

Contact Maria or Robert:
or 070-419 11 88 |
or 072-353 23 23.


Act now and contact us immediately, we start the matching process straight away and the sharpest students are quickly scooped up for other assignments or projects. On March 15, we will arrange a get-together with mingle and speed dating between companies and students. Before then it would be great to have your first draft of an assignment.