Tomer Shalit, ClimateView, and Jonas Andersson, Dicom Port is two of the speakers at Umeå Tech Arena May 14.

Good Startups at Umeå Tech Arena

Quality assurance for radiology and a groundbreaking standard for climate roadmaps. That’s two examples of startups that will talk at Umeå Tech Arena on May 14.

Tech that does good is the focus on Umeå Tech Arena May 14, Uminova Innovations meetup for everyone who loves tech.

ClimateView is a response to the undeniable fact that the climate challenge is a race against time. We all know we need to get to zero net CO2-emissions, and we know the sooner we get there, the better off we are. ClimateView is a new standard to lead climate transformation in cities, countries and companies. It’s a new visual language and the product of knowledge in agile methodologies, digitalisation, data analysis and rapid software development. It is designed to simplify and accelerate the transition towards carbon-neutral economies.

ClimateViews CEO and Founder Tomer Shalit is one of the speakers at Umeå Tech Arena this time.

Another speaker is Jonas Andersson, CEO of Dicom Port. They are a startup company focusing on quality assurance for radiology, an already technical specialty in healthcare. Their solutions can achieve great benefits from digital transformation and thus increase the quality of care for patients.

Umeå Tech Arena is Uminova Innovations meetup for everyone who loves tech and everyone is welcome to participate.

Umeå Tech Arena

Umeå Tech Arena is arranged at Norrlandsoperan on the evening May 14 and the tickets are free of charge.