Good Tech is the theme for Umeå Tech Arena on May 14. Daniel Akenine, Technology and Security Officer for Microsoft, is invited as one of the keynote speakers.

Good Tech at Umeå Tech Arena

What tech does good? That’s the focus on Umeå Tech Arena May 14, Uminova Innovations meetup for everyone who loves tech.

– What tech does good? That’s something we will dive into at Umeå Tech Arena this time. We will showcase local examples of innovators and entrepreneurs that use technical solutions that do good. But we will also have the investor perspective on Good Tech, says Linus Stark, marketer at Uminova Innovation.

But that’s not all. Daniel Akenine, physicist, lecturer, writer and former neuroscientist at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm who currently works as a technology and security officer for Microsoft, is also invited as a keynote speaker where he will focus on tech trends.

– Some say technology no longer shapes the futures. This is not true, there are so many technology trends that are close to a tipping point. But what factors decides when technology meets a tipping point? What are fake trends and real trends in society and how will technology shape the future for the next years to come? That’s something I will discuss further at Umeå Tech Arena on May 14, says Daniel Akenine.

Umeå Tech Arena is Uminova Innovations meetup for everyone who loves tech and everyone is welcome to participate.

Umeå Tech Arena

Umeå Tech Arena is arranged at Norrlandsoperan on the evening May 14 and the tickets are free of charge.