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Great interest in Umeå method to detect blood doping

Great interest in Umeå method to detect blood doping

More blood cells, more oxygen, and more power- no more
So far, those athletes who use blood transfusions with their own stored blood (autologous blood doping) to enhance their performances have been able to sit comfortably in their seats, since no method have been able to detect this type of blood doping. No athletes has been caught, but the future looks different. A reliable detection method for autologous blood doping is on the way.

100 % accuracy
Christer Malm, project leader at UBI, docent and head of Sports Medicine Umeå University, reports in an
interview on SVT
that they, with a 100% accuracy, can distinguish samples from athletes who use autologous blood doping, from clean athletes. The detection system picks up the changes that take place in blood during storage.
The project is progressing at a good pace and Christer Malm’s team have started to look at samples from athletes exposed to high altitude, a group which should behave as the control group with clean athletes.

A patent is the next step
The research team hopes that this is a step on the way to clean sports, but before it can contribute to that, more work lays ahead. Christer and his team expect the test to be available within three years, and the next step in this process is to apply for a patent.

Christer Malm’s project at Umeå Biotech Incubator has support from The World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA, and VINNOVA.


Text: Karin Borge Renberg

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Text by: Karin Borge-Renberg

Published: 20 February, 2014

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Karin Borge-Renberg

20 February, 2014