Hong Kong and Umeå in collaboration

A new chapter of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden has opened in Umeå, northern Sweden.

The mission of The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden is to promote trade relations between Sweden and Hong Kong and act as a catalyst for projects between the two regions. With an already rich history of collaboration and cooperation between, the Hong Kong Chamber are looking to build on this and offer even more dynamic cross-regional opportunities.

Chapter North of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden was launched in Umeå in the presence of the Swedish Minister of Trade and Innovation, Mikael Damberg, as well as regional participants and decision makers. The County Commissioner Erik Bergqvist welcomed participants, followed by the Chairman of Chapter North, Robert Winroth, who stated that the launch marks a great opportunity to boost connectivity and promote trade and value creation for regional stakeholders.

One company already supported is LunaLEC, which has received a state-funded, soft-landing programme, run by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. A soft landing is an initiative to help businesses establish in a new country. It’s a kind of investment that will help companies land softly in a new country, without having to start from the start as a startup company.

As Sweden is starting to become a dominant force in industries such as design, fintech, sustainability, and gaming, the Hong Kong Chamber seek to promote extending the reach of these fields, especially as far as Hong Kong partnerships and interactions are concerned.

The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce is a non-political, non-profit organisation with its registered seat and head office in Stockholm.

Text by: Mikael Hansson

Published: 29 March, 2018

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Mikael Hansson

29 March, 2018