Tove Larsson and Johanna Hallin is two of the investors that will attend Umeå Tech Arena on May 14.

Impact investors on Umeå Tech Arena

Norrsken Foundation wants to create a world that is optimised for both people and planet. On May 14 they will attend Umeå Tech Arena.

Norrsken Foundation believe that entrepreneurs building rapidly scalable businesses are the best bet to solve some of the problems facing our world. Tove Larsson is Chief Investment Manager at Norrsken Foundation who has close to 500 million SEK to invest in entrepreneurs who make an impact. On Umeå Tech Arena, May 14 she will join us and talk about how they work and what kind of entrepreneurs they are looking at.

But she is not alone. Anette Nordvall, one of Swedens most powerful techinvestors according to DI Digital and Johanna Hallin, founder of Srey Invest – a values driven platform for investment, will also give their perspective on impact investments. And how entrepreneurs are a vital part of the solution to make the world a better place.

Umeå Tech Arena is Uminova Innovations meetup for everyone who loves tech and everyone is welcome to participate.

Umeå Tech Arena

Umeå Tech Arena is arranged at Norrlandsoperan on the evening May 14 and the tickets are free of charge.