Prince Daniel and Harry vand der Veen during Prince Daniels Entreprenuership Day.

Inspiration from the Prince

When Prince Daniel invited 150 special guests to his yearly entrepreneurship day Harry van der Veen from NUITEQ was one of the chosen ones.

It is well known that Prince Daniel is highly interested and engaged in entrepreneurship. Together with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Solutions (IVA) he runs the Prince Daniel Fellowship Program. It inspires young people to become entrepreneurs and it supports young entrepreneurs. Its vision is to contribute to a better culture for entrepreneurship and an allowing nature of taking risks and failing. Once a year he also invites special guest to his own entrepreneurship day.

On the 9th of April this year’s day was arranged and Harry van der Veen from NUITEQ in Skellefteå, a company who has received business support from Uminova Innovation, was one of the guests.

Always fascinated by royals

“During a dark and cold snowy day up in Skellefteå, I received an invitation letter to attend Prince Daniels Entrepreneurs Day”, Harry explains.

“I was humbled and honoured by the invitation, because I’ve always had a special appreciation for anything related to royalty, kingdoms, castles and its history. My mom jokingly once said, I think you were a knight in a previous life, as I was always interested in castles and history”, Harry continues with a laughter.

“I was nominated by ESBRI, the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute to attend since I’ve been involved as a speaker for several ESBRI events. Then accordingly a group of people approved the nomination.”

“I’m not entirely sure why they nominated us, but I believe they think that NUITEQ is on an exciting entrepreneurial journey.”, Harry continues.

Positively surprised

Together with 150 guests other guests Harry was welcomed by Prince Daniel. One of his key take aways was the importance of entrepreneurship in Sweden. After the welcome words, four super entrepreneurs, each one individually got on stage to talk about their companies, experiences and challenges. The entreprenuers where Jessica Schultz from Northzone, Jacob de Geer from iZettle, Mia Brunell Livfors from Axel Johnson and Ilkka Paananen from the Finish company Supercell.

“I was positively surprised with how valuable the event was. The inspirational talks of successful entrepreneurs, combined with the networking as well as round the table discussions with fellow entrepreneurs to discuss challenges and potential solutions to those challenges, made it a powerful event.”, Harry tells us.

“I also found it great to experience how much the Royal family is involved with and passionate about entrepreneurship.”, Harry points out.

Between the 1st of April and the 1st of May it is possible to apply for the Prince Daniel Fellowship Mentorprogram, which is a program where entrepreneurs under 40 years during two years will receive mentorship support to help develop the business. More information is found here (in Swedish).

Text by: Linus Stark

Photographer: Private

Published: 18 April, 2019

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Linus Stark


18 April, 2019