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Become a student entrepreneur and kickstart your career in Umeå’s sizzling startup world.

Job opportunities in startups filled Startup Coffee

Become a student entrepreneur and consultant for a startup in addition to your studies, that was the theme for the first Startup Coffee of the semester. A fully booked breakfast with students curious about the job as a consultant for one of our startups.

This breakfast event was about the opportunity to work as a student entrepreneur alongside your studies for one of Uminova Innovation’s incubator companies. Former student entrepreneurs Johannes Pers and Melicia Lindström visited this morning’s breakfast to share their experiences as consultants.

– I really grew as a person during my consulting project. I learned a lot and it was probably thanks to my assignment as a consultant that I got my next job, says Melica Lindström, who had an assignment in market analysis. Johannes Pers also talks about the advantages of being a student entrepreneur.

– I can only think of benefits when it comes to being a student consultant. You can start your own business, have to take a lot of responsibility and deliver what you have promised on time. You grow as a person and realize that you can stand on your own legs.

The moderator Magdalena Lindström talked about the importance of finding a job within a field you are interested in and feel passionate about. Magdalena is responsible for matching students to startups. She highlighted that personality and drive are often crucial factors in the matching process.

Become a student entrepreneur and kickstart your career in Umeå’s sizzling startup world. Work for a startup during your studies and get unique experience. Some startups offer assignements during summer. Sign up todag!


Text by: Hedda Dahlström

Published: 13 February, 2020

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Hedda Dahlström

13 February, 2020