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From left: Bjarne Rolandsson, Anna Ölund, Maria Wallin Wållberg (CEO), Mats Högberg, Kennet Andersson, Jan Sandström

Likvor increases staff

Likvor increases staff

Mats Högberg is the new sales director at Likvor AB since August. Mats will prioritize his efforts on the European market, where Likvor is putting their main efforts the coming year. Mats Högberg has much experience from the medtech industry and has worked with Uppsala Innovation Center as a businesscoach to medtech companies, as well as seven years in Nucletron at different positions, e.g. as business manager and CEO for the company in Scandinavia.

Kennet Andersson, PhD, support for Design and Sales & Marketing, Kennet holds a doctorate on our instrument Likvor CELDA® System. He works part time with Likvor and the remainder at the Deparment of Biomedical Engineering, Research and Development, at Norrlands University Hospital.

Text and photo: Likvor AB

Text by: Magdalena Krajewska

Published: 23 October, 2012

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Magdalena Krajewska

23 October, 2012