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Andreas Sandström and Christan Larsen LunaLEC

LunaLEC, a company that shines brightly

LunaLEC, a company that shines brightly

– It is fun. The competition was good and I am very happy, says Christian Larsen who works as a developer at LunaLEC.

LunaLEC develops a technique to manufacture thin flexible light patches, a technique with many different possible applications. One important sector for application is the medtech sector, where LunaLEC’s light patches can be used in cancer treatments and other diseases. LunaLEC was formed in 2012 and today the company has three employees.

-We are developing a lot at the moment, so it is great fun to get out of the lab to participate in this kind of competitions, says Andreas Sandström, who also works as a developer at LunaLEC.

– We are also travelling about a lot, to meet customers, actually this is why our CEO was unable to be here today.

In addition to LunaLEC, Smart Video and Infobaleen were also selected to pitch in the regional final in Umeå.

Infobaleen has developed a software to survey and improve marketing campaigns, relieving customers form irrelevant commercials. Infobaleen was founded in 2015 and has five employees.

Smart Video has developed a software that will make e-commerce using video more efficient. Smart Video was founded in 2015 and has nine employees.

All three companies that pitched at the event are spin offs from Umeå University, in short their business ideas are based on research, and all three companies have received business support and coaching from Uminova Innovation.

We now know that LunaLEC will go to Stockholm on April 4, where the 33 winners will be presented, but there is still the possibility that Smart Video, Infobaleen or other tech companies from norther Sweden may show up as well. The final list is revealed then and there.

Several other companies from Västerbotten have made it to the 33-list previously. Biocool from Skellefteå were on the list in 2016 and the three Umeå-companies Content Central, Limes Audio and Algoryx simulations have also been on the list of Sweden’s most prominent and promising young tech companies.

The 33–list is based on company nominations from all over Sweden. The jury is looking for a company with a unique product or service based on an innovation and with great international potential; an innovation with capability of changing the game, within their sector. The 33-list is compiled by Affärsvärlden and Ny teknik.


To make it to the list a company has to:
• Be based on an innovation.
• Be seven years or less, in other words started in 2010 according to Bolagsverkets records.
• Be un-listed; not a public company with presence on any stock market place.


Original text and photo: Mikael Hansson

Translated into English: Karin Borge Renberg