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MD Biomedcial and Nordic Biomarker, worthy award winners with the patient in mind

MD Biomedcial and Nordic Biomarker, worthy award winners with the patient in mind

OnZurf , a spin-off  for MD Biomedical

In concert with the natural developmental and growth process of a company, Pernilla Abrahamsson and MD Biomedical, were first out on stage to receive spin-off company of the year, in strong competition from E&E Glasses and crisis management company Onsitus.

With the following motivation “With a great entrepreneurial drive and the ability to listen to the needs of the costumer, this year’s spin-off company has managed to pull off the accomplishment of evolving an academic research result into a business concept with substantial growth potential.” MD Biomedical is this year´s spin-off company.

– I’m so happy. To be awarded spin-off company of the year is a great honor and an acknowledgement that gives me strength for the challenges that lie ahead. I especially want to thank Umeå Biotech Incubator, Uminova Innovation, Vinnova, Biotech Umeå, ALMI, Almi Invest, Uminova Invest, and Innovation gateway Västerbotten. They have believed in me, and in my business concept, and have contributed with both financial and business developmental support. And also, a special thanks to Senzime who, by stepping in as owner to MD Biomedical, show that they believe in me and see a great potential for the OnZurf probe, continues Pernilla Abrahamsson, Product and Business Development Manager MD Biomedical and Senzime.


Nordic Biomarker – an export company worth its prizes

In 2014 both MD Biomedical and Nordic Biomarker were spin-off company nominees, a prize that Nordic Biomarker landed. This year, with the motivation, “The right medication requires an accurate diagnosis.  With advanced and niched products, for the global market, the company continues to grow with an impressive power. With the right substances that react and lead the way, to the right treatment that can save lives. For this successful Umeå company it is all about blood, sweat, and tears of joy”, Nordic Biomarker were called to the stage as export company of the year.  
It is far from the first time this healthy and steadily growing Umeå company is honored on prestigious lists and nominations, for the third year in a row Nordic Biomarker acknowledged on Deloittes Sweden lists over fast growing tech companies. And we hope to see them receive many nominations and awards in the future.

Business concepts that makes a difference

What is happening inside the patient, and is there something that can, or should, be done about it? The focus of both companies is to provide a better understanding of what is going on inside the patient. For instance, after any mayor surgery, accurate surveillance of the recovery of both patient and operated organ is important, to intervene complications caused by a reduced blood flow or leakage, and thus limit the risk and prevent unnecessary suffering and related costs. MD Biomedicals concept of sampling biomakers from the surface of an operated organ can reveal these situations.

– OnZurf can improve the quality of life for very sick patients, while also reducing long hospital stays, and thus becomes a cost effective solution for county councils and healthcare providers, says Pernilla Abrahamsson.

While Nordic Biomarker have a different approach, they manufacture reagents for diagnostic tests that are used to rule out if a risk patient has had a clot (a deep venous thrombosis),  or not. If the patient has a clot, if so the patient needs anticoagulants in order to prevent the clot from getting stuck in vital organs; with potentially life threatening outcomes.

The secret behind their success

It has been an eventful year for both companies, a friendly acquisition and upcoming clinical trials for MD Biomedical and new tests and an expansion of the production site for Nordic Biomarker. Why, are Nordic Biomarker and MD Biomedical successful? Of course there is a lot of hard work behind their success stories, but there are other equally important factors. Understanding the needs of the costumer is one of them. What, where, and how grains of sand get in to the customers machinery. Solving these problems may be the seed to a successful business company.
And these are questions that need to be asked throughout any company’s life span. When Nordic Biomarker decided to broaden their product portfolio, they turned to the customers again, talking to, and trying to understand their needs. This served as a guide for Nordic Biomarker’s continued product development.

Also, both companies turned to the innovationsystem for support during the startup period, and have collaborated with Umeå Biotech Incubator and Biotech Umeå/Uminova Innovation. Innovationsystem and business incubators can be good catalyst and sparring partner to start asking these questions and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.


Text: Karin Borge Renberg

Photo: Andreas Nilsson