Pernilla Abrahamsson MD Biomedical and Senzime

MD Biomedical and Senzime. A good deal for better patient surveillance

MD Biomedical and Senzime. A good deal for better patient surveillance

An increasing and aging population has its consequences on the health care system. One effect is that more and more people are going through advanced surgery; such as colon cancer surgeries and organ transplantations, and in Scandinavia alone 18 000 colon cancer surgeries are performed annually. After any mayor surgery, accurate surveillance of the recovery of both patient and operated organ is important to intervene complications caused by, for instance a reduced blood flow or leakage, and thus limit the risk and prevent unnecessary suffering and related costs.


Measurements from the surface of an organ

Based on research at Umeå University and Norrland’s University Hospital,
MD Biomedical
has developed a unique and patented probe and method, Onzurf, which can be used to monitor the status of the organ from the surface of the organ in question. This is important life and resource saving information, for both patients and for the health care sector.

Another advantage, with the probe, is the increased resolution compared to the routinely used traditional blood samples; where the status is the organ of interest is partly masked or diluted by the status of the rest of the body.


Companies that complement each other

The potential in MD Biomedical’s approach has not been un-noticed in the past, it has been granted VINNOVA support and innovation awards, and now MD Biomedical have reached an agreement with Swedish company
Semzime AB. Senzime develops and markets products for both healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, based on biosensor technology.


A subsidiary that moves forward, and stays put

MD Biomedical will continue as an Umeåbased subsidiary to Senzime and Pernilla Abrahamsson, CEO and founder of MD Biomedical, will continue working with research and development. Because though the probe Onzurf has come a long way, a lot of work remains before the probe is widely used in the clinics. CE marking is one of the tasks that lays ahead.

From the start; as an idea hatched from a bi-product in the research lab, to where they are now, with the acquisition by Senzime, Pernilla Abrahamsson and MD Biomedical has received business coaching, an increased network, and support, through the collaboration with Uminova Innovation, Biotech Umeå,
Umeå Biotech Incubator, and the
Innovation gateway.


Text: Karin Borge Renberg

Photo: Karin Borge Renberg