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Cenk Aytekin, industrial design student

MD Biomedical: Manufacturing agreement and design award

MD Biomedical: Manufacturing agreement and design award

MD Biomedical has signed a manufacturing agreement with German Raumedic, a medical technology company with 500 employees.The agreement covers manufacturing of the zero series of MD Biomedical's microdialysis catheter. Thus MD Biomedical can launch the first clinical trials necessary for CE marking. The agreement also covers continued manufacturing for future studies and sales. The microdialysis technique is easy to use and allows for good surveillance both pre and postoperatively of ill patients.

A collaboration regarding MD Biomedical's microdialysis catheter between Pernilla Abrahamsson (MD Biomedical), industrial design students Cenk Aytekin and John Lee (Umeå University's Institute of Design), and surgeons and nurses at Umeå Hospital, rendered gold honors in the 2012 International Design Excellence Awards, organized by Industrial Designers Society of America. Read more about MD Biomedical

Text and photo: MD Biomedical

Text by: Magdalena Krajewska

Published: 27 October, 2012

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Magdalena Krajewska

27 October, 2012