Marcus Bodin, Walter & Johanna AB, Anders Andersson, privat finansiär, grundaren Meiju Vartiainen, Lena Fridlund-Forsgren, Partnerinvest, Karin Bodin, Walter & Johanna AB, samt Rickard Nyberg, privat finansiär. Maria Hedblom, Sparbanksstiftelsen Norrlands Riskkapitalstiftelse, saknas på bilden.

Mowida adds new muscles to owner team

Startup Mowida is soon to launch their administrative platform for landlords and property owners, and now they add strong names to their team of owners. Karin Bodin, CEO Polarbrödsgruppen, and Marcus Bodin.

– I’m proud to expand our team of owners with Karin and Marcus due to their values and strong commitment in helping Mowida and the region to thrive. They have been very supportive and a great source of inspiration to me. I’m happy they’re now officially a part of Mowidas journey, says Meiju Vartainen, CEO Mowida.

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Text by: Emmy Ericsson

Published: 29 January, 2020

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Emmy Ericsson

29 January, 2020