Linn Hägg and Ylvali Gerling, MYoroface
Linn Hägg and Ylvali Gerling, MYoroface, with the Medical self-training device IQoro.

MYoroface, winner of the pitch competition at Åre kapitalmarknadsdagar

MYoroface, winner of the pitch competition at Åre kapitalmarknadsdagar

20 business ideas had been selected to compete, with their company pitch, in front of an experienced investors panel; with representatives from SEB Venture Capital, Dohi, and ALMI invest. After an exciting competition, which took place in many steps, MYoroface came out as the winner.


The competition was part of Åre Kapitalmarknadsdagar that was arranged for the 6th year in a row. This is an event where several of Sweden’s most prominent entrepreneurs, hottest companies, investors and politicians meet. Four of the companies that made it to semifinal are supported by Uminova Innovation, and two of these are Biotech Umeå companies (MYoroface and MD Biomedical).


MYoroface have developed IQoro, a medical self-training device, with an accompanying training method that can help both children and grownups to improve, or regain, the ability to eat and swallow. The development of the product is based on more than 20 years of research by MD and orofacial specialist Mary Hägg.


MYoroface has received support from Biotech Umeå and Uminova Innovation in refining and developing their business idea, pitch training and many other aspects important for a startup. MYoroface was one of the participating companies at Biotech Umeå Investment Day 2015.

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