NCQ – New CEO and Spin-off company of the year nomination

NCQ – New CEO and Spin-off company of the year nomination

Nordic Chemquest has been nominated to the award “Spin-off company of the year” at Umeågalan 2012, which will take place on Nov 8. The nomination reads as follows: “The company Nordic Chemquest shows that entrepreneurship is often about serendipity and getting off the beaten track. The innovation was, to start with, a promising palladium catalyst for organic chemical reactions. Then, the real product was identified: A flow reaction chamber that accelerates chemical reactions. Now, the first flow chambers have been sold to customers, and studies at several European universities show that Nordic Chemquest’s flow chambers leads to faster reactions as well as increased yield. The company has shown that it is possible – in spite of being only a few employees – to achieve a constructive product development and find many cooperation partners, thanks to an extensive network within both industry and academia. New products are continuously being developed and launched, and an NCQ India is being planned, with the aim to sell the company’s products in a very large and fast-growing pharmaceutical production market.”

NCQ also has a newly appointed CEO, Emil Byström. He has a PhD in analytical/polymer chemistry from Umeå University. He was first hired by NCQ in 2010, to work with the product development of the SpinChem products. “As a CEO, my focus will now be on taking the next step – launching our products globally. At the same time, we need to keep the speed up in product development – we have several new products in pipeline” says Emil Byström.

Text: Magdalena Krajewska

Photo: Nordic Chemquest

Text by: Magdalena Krajewska

Published: 23 October, 2012

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Magdalena Krajewska

23 October, 2012