The three speakers at the network meeting: Sofia Anner, Andreas Sundgren and Christian Sandström.

Network meeting on creativity, technological shifts and global sales

Network meeting on creativity, technological shifts and global sales

The network meeting started with a presentation by Sofia Anner from the Kreator network. She showed different examples of how creative resources could be used by companies, e.g. to explain complex products or processes or to visualize customer benefits. In a project initiated by Uminova Innovation, up to ten companies will get the opportunity to access a creative resource from the Kreator network for approximately two days.

Christian Sandström, researcher at Chalmers and Ratio, talked on the subject “Is the customer always right?”.  He showed examples of how companies have missed technological shifts and consequently perished.  One pitfall is to listen too much to large, existing customer, which can lead to a company becoming too entrenched in current technologies. If that technology becomes obsolete, due to technological change or the introduction of a competing technology that customers prefer, the company will face major challenges that might be very difficult to overcome.

Andreas Sundgren, CEO of Shakespeare capital, founder of Brännland Cider and former CEO of Toontrack Music, explained how Toontrack became successful in the US after getting rid of their distributors. He also explained how a small company, such as Brännland Cider, can get PR and access to important sales channels on virtually no budget. His message was that you have to get on the plane and sell the product! You only need your time and money for airplane tickets – if you are  small start-up with a good product, you can succeed without a large budget.


Text: Magdalena Krajewska

Photo: Kurt Strömgren