Harry van der Veen, vd Nuiteq.
Harry van der Veen, CEO Nuiteq.

Nuiteq raises additional venture capital

Nuiteq from Skellefteå, has announced that it has raised its third round of venture capital funding.

Nuiteq previously raised two venture financing rounds in 2009 from investment firm Savings Bank of Norrland Foundation for Venture Capital (Sparbanksstiftelsen Norrlands Riskkapitalstiftelse) and in 2015 from investment firm Inlandsinnovation AB, as well as a group of international business angels.

This third financing round of an undisclosed amount is supplied by Luleå based investment foundation Norrlandsfonden, a Swedish bank and Norwegian angel investor Pål Reinert Bredvei, who recently made a successful exit as CEO and co-founder of Oslo based cloud computing company Documaster.

“We are delighted to have the trust of these three partners. We’ve known Norrlandsfonden for years and our company wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of our bank, who has been a supporter of the business for over a decade.“, says Nuiteq’s CEO and co-founder Harry van der Veen. “I met Pål four years ago, when we were both living and working in Silicon Valley, as a part of a Tech Incubator called TINC. I’m excited that we now have him on board with Nuiteq, as his experience as a cloud computing CEO and entrepreneur will be important in the development of our company.” He continues: “The funds will be utilised for sales and marketing activities to strengthen existing global partnerships as well as to build new long term business relationships.“

“I am impressed by the performance and competence displayed by Nuiteq. I think we have a pleasant journey ahead of us together with Nuiteq and I look forward to it.“, said Per Nilsson, Company Analyst at Norrlandsfonden.

Angel investor, Pål Reinert Bredvei comments: “I have followed Nuiteq’s exciting journey the last four years from the sidelines. I strongly believe in the company’s further growth and I look forward to contribute with my experience and network to the team and the company.“