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Omnio enters into R&D and licensing agreement with ProMetic, to heal diabetic wounds

Omnio enters into R&D and licensing agreement with ProMetic, to heal diabetic wounds

A diabetic foot ulcer is an open wound, commonly located on the bottom of the foot. Ulcers form as a result of a combination of factors, such as lack of sensation in the foot, poor circulation, foot deformities, irritation and trauma, as well as duration of diabetes. These hard-to-treat wounds inflict  an enormous burden on the healthcare system and cause great problems and suffering for affected patients. Diabetic wounds affect many millions of  patients world wide and already now about 10-15 million diabetic patients with foot ulcers are amputated each year.  This number is also likely to increase due to the growing number of diabetic patients. 

– My wish is that we soon will have an efficient drug that speeds up the treatment and healing of different types of hard to heal chronic wounds. Chronic wounds is  a large medical problem causing huge suffering. Speeding up the healing of these wounds would mean a lot to the quality of life for the affected patients. For example, the troublesome, painful and slow-healing diabetic wounds can even lead to the need amputation of a foot, says Tor Ny, founder and CEO of Omnio.

A perfect match

ProMetric is a Canadian biopharmaceutical corporation with expertise in bioseparations, plasma-derived therapeutics and small-molecule drug development.  As a result of the collaboration with ProMetric, Omnio secures access to already tested, GMP-grade plasminogen, which is safe to use in the forthcoming clinical studies planned for the second half of 2016.

– Dr. Ny and his esteemed colleagues at Omnio have decades of hands-on experience demonstrating the ability of plasminogen to accelerate the healing of otherwise very hard-to-treat wounds. Combining their unique knowhow with our own clinical experience from our ongoing US plasminogen clinical trial bodes very well for improving the future management of diabetic wounds, says Mr. Pierre Laurin, President and CEO of ProMetic.

A big Life Science deal, and a big deal for Life Science in Umeå

It is a big life science deal, with the prospect of taking plasminogen all the way from basic research performed at Umeå university through clinical trials to a biologics product. It is also a big deal for life science in Umeå. As a result of the long term strategic and developmental agreement, a research center will be established in Umeå. This centre will be managed by Omnio in collaboration with Umeå University and involve research on plasminogens role in the healing process of slow-healing wounds such as diabetic wounds and bedsores.

This is not the first time Omnios founder Tor Ny’s initative and entrepreneurial drive has had a positive impact on the life science business scene in Umeå. He noticed, at an early stage, that academic life science researches with business ideas needed support from an innovation structure with specific life science knowledge. This was the starting point for Umeå Biotech Incubator, which he founded and headed for several of years.


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Text: Karin Borge Renberg

Photo from Umeå University

Text by: Karin Borge-Renberg

Published: 18 November, 2015

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Karin Borge-Renberg

18 November, 2015