One of the keys to save the planet

ClimateView is a response to the undeniable fact that the climate challenge is a race against time. On Umeå Tech Arena their solution was presented.

We all know that the timeframe for us saving the planet and reducing CO2-emmissions is limited. Umeå Tech Arena May 14 focused on how tech can be a part of the solution. One person deeply concerned about the climate challenge is Tomer Shalit from Umeå. But he has hope today.

– The past year I have gone from having a climate anxiety which was almost paralyzing to have more hope and energy than I’ve had for my entire life. And it’s not because the situation for the climate is any better. No, its because it has been so clear that I share the sense of urgency with people in all levels and that so many are prepared to act in entirely new ways, Tomer Shalit pointed out in the beginning of his keynote at Umeå Tech Arena.

Tomers part of the solution is ClimateView, a new standard to lead climate transformation in cities, countries and companies to simplify and accelerate the transition towards carbon-neutral economies.

– In the case of Sweden we actually have some pretty hefty reports telling us how the transition to a fossil free transportation system and so on shold be done. The problem with these is of course that the second they are published it is not accurate anymore. And above all, they are not very actionable, Tomer Shalit explains.

Analogue prototype

The first prototype of ClimateView was a long poster which was summarizing Swedens transition to a fossil free transportation sector. With the mission on the top rows and then going down in rows showing the different strategies in place to attack those emissions. And in the bottom a lots of small notes of single actions in the pipeline for the moment.

– At first it was so fun. I was at high level meetings and everyone said it was so fantastic and really great, Tomer said.

– But then they all said. “Hang on. Who should do this? Who has the big picture. Is it the prime minister?”, Tomer explained.

The problem was the same as for all big organizations. No one has the big picture and the key to make it work is to make an organization change the whole way they work.

Vattenfall a key to sucess

Luckily, he met the strategic officer at Vattenfall, the government owned energy company. He liked what Tomer presented and was able to convince other government departments to give Tomer and his team the task to develop a dashboard over Swedens transition to a fossil free economy.

And today ClimateView is here. A digital version constantly updated on how Sweden could be a fossil free society.

– In essence our platform are driving a rhythm for Swedens transition which will hopefully be a lot faster than the way things have been working so far, Tomer said.

– When we have done this for Sweden the actual structure is not that different for Norway, Germany and so on. So its not that difficult to have this implemented all over the globe, Tomer pointed out to to the audience standing ovations.

Below you can see and listen to the whole keynote from Tomer Shalit at Umeå Tech Arena May 14.