Oskar Jonsson och Andreas Vidman från Prediktera är mycket nöjda över nya partnerskapet med kameraföretaget HySpex.
Oskar Jonsson and Andreas Vidman, Prediktera.

Partnership for turn-key industrial solutions

Prediktera announce a partnership with HySpex, a world leading producer of hyperspectral cameras.

With Prediktera’s release of Breeze Runtime and HySpex releasing a new line of cameras for industrial use the two companies now join forces to provide turn-key solutions for industrial applications.

Prediktera’s vision has always been to make hyperspectral image analysis easier to use, and make it accessible to a bigger market.

“Through this collaboration there will be a software and hardware solution that make it easier and faster for industrial customers to implement hyperspectral technology in their processes and machines”, says Andreas Vidman, CEO at Prediktera AB.

HySpex invests in Prediktera

After a series of successful collaborations on mutual customers and projects during the last two years the companies now take the next step. The partnership is formed as an investment from HySpex for joint ownership in Prediktera and a long-term commitment to strengthen the services and solutions aimed at OEMs and industrial customers.

“Hyperspectral imaging is gaining a lot of momentum for quality control and process monitoring and this investment allows us to accelerate the development of our integrated realtime solutions with Breeze and Breeze Runtime”, says Oskar Jonsson, CTO at Prediktera.

“We are very happy to announce this strengthened offering for the growing industrial market. By further integrating with the powerful software from Prediktera we can add more value to our customers and shorten their time-to-market when implementing hyperspectral applications”, Trond Løke, CEO at the HySpex division, says.

The partnership does not affect the current software offering from Prediktera.

”We continue to offer our software solutions to the general hyperspectral market as we are doing today, and our software supports camera hardware from many different manufacturers using our hardware SDK”, Andreas Vidman concludes.