Erik Häggström, grundare av Piczitup, hittar många nya kontakter på Hannovermässan som kan ge framtida internationella affärer. Bakom Erik syns Peter Bäckström, affärsutvecklare från Uminova Innovation och Enterprise Europe Network, som följer med på Hannovermässan.
Erik Häggström, founder of Piczitup, finds many new contacts at the Hannover Messe that can provide future international business. Together with Erik is Peter Bäckström, Business Developer from Uminova Innovation and the Enterprise Europe Network.

Reaching out for international business

Piczitup from Umeå is one of several Swedish startups participating in the Hannover Messe. The goal is reaching out to international markets.

Piczitup is one of 30 startups from Swedish incubators and science parks who participate with the program Ignite Sweden and European Enterprise Network, EEN, during the trade fair in Hannover March 31 – April 5, where Sweden is a partner country.

Erik Häggström, CEO and founder of Piczitup, has a full schedule of booked meetings, seminars and new business contacts to connect with.

Business partners in United States and Germany

At the Hannover Messe, Erik Häggström made contact with new business partners from both the US and Germany. Previously in Umeå, he had met Mrs. Tuula Ahlström from the US embassy in Swedent, at a meeting arranged by Uminova Innovation and the Enterprise Europe Network. She gave him a valuable invitation to a networking reception in the American pavilion at the Hannover Messe.

“There was a lot of interest for our product. Those I talked to had a helpful attitude and came with views and suggestions about a possible future launch of Piczitup’s products in the countries such as the US and Germany,” says Erik Häggström.

Meeting Prince Carl Philip

During one of the days, Erik Häggström made a visit to Volkswagen in Wolfsburg together with the Swedish Prince Carl Philip, some 30 startups and representatives of Scania, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Ignite Sweden, EEN and representatives from other actors in Sweden.

Erik Häggström is very impressed with all this help available from various organizations. The study visit at Volkswagen is just one of many examples of how Piczitup and the other startup companies could meet organizations that may help with an establishment in Germany, the US and other countries.

“It is a very positive energy here at the fair. Many with a good attitude,” he notes.

From Uminova Innovation and the Enterprise Europe Network in Umeå, the business developer Peter Bäckström followed to share his contacts and networks.

“Peter Bäckström has a great network and connection with incredibly many organizations. It is amazing that so many can help startups with contacts to develop and grow. I’m very glad for that there is so much help to get,” says Erik Häggström.

Text by: Mikael Hansson

Photographer: Mikael Hansson

Published: 3 April, 2019

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Mikael Hansson

Mikael Hansson

3 April, 2019