Johan Ekenstedt presenterar under Umeå tech Arena en smart lösning för att med mobilen göra mätningar i skogen.
Johan Ekenstedt, Arboreal.

Smart mobile app for measurements in the forest

Johan Ekenstedt presented at Umeå Tech Arena a completely new mobile application for measurements in the forest.

Instead of analog measurement tools or expensive advanced digital solutions, Johan Ekenstedt presented at Umeå Tech Arena a completely new mobile application for measurements in the forest.

“Get rid of all your manual measurements in the forest! Let us embrace the technology of Augumented Reality and digitize all the features in the forest in your phone,” Johan Ekenstedt says.

Johan Ekenstedt has been successful with the development of the technical side of the new application from his startup company Arobreal, but will the users understand the benefits or will they stick with the same technology they have been using for decades? That was the question to solve when Johan Ekenstedt presented his solution at Umeå Tech Arena. According to the 450 in the audience, it seems that he has a good idea to make business.

Johan Ekenstedt has a long background in the forestry sector and love to use IoT, drones and machine learning in the forest in order to make the work funnier and more effectively.

“Just pick up your phone, go out in the forest and collect data,” Johan says from stage. Then, with a pause, continues:

“Now I will show you the technology – Snapchat. Or more precisely, Augmented Reality that put filters on the faces of people. In order to do the measurements, Augmented Reality needs to grasp and coordinate each pixel on the screen. You can use the same technology in the forest,” he explains.

Med Augmented Reality och mobil teknik vill Johan Ekenstedt ge skogsägare ny teknik för att mäta träd. Johans applikation är en affärsidé som utvecklats inom Uminova Innovations startupprogram och på Umeå Tech Arena fick han inför 450 personer i publiken presentera sin idé som nu finns färdig som första produkt.

With Augmented Reality and mobile technology, Johan Ekenstedt wants to give forest owners new technology for measuring trees. Johan’s application is a business concept developed within Uminova Innovation’s startup program, a concept he presented at Umeå Tech Arena as the first product from the company.

“So you take the camera, go around in the forest and you get the pixels called 3D coordinates. And you can use them to do measurements,” Johan Ekenstedt says.

He says that his company Arboreal has evaluated over 700 stems and he says that it works really good. Now it is ready for launch.

“We will release an application in the beginning of next year that can measure all parameters you need. But already, in December, we will have an application that can measure the height of a tree,” Johan Ekenstedt says and promises that anyone who wants the application already today can send him an e-mail to get it.

See the presentation below.

Text by: Mikael Hansson

Photographer: Patrick Trägårdh

Published: 7 December, 2018

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Mikael Hansson

Patrick Trägårdh

7 December, 2018