Studenter väljer Elastisys för sina examensarbeten.
Students choose Elastisys for their thesis work. From left: Suphanan Chatphutsa, Carin Hillblom, Erik Dahlberg, Kristoffer Gilliusson, Axel Jarmar, Erik Gunne and Erik Landfors.

Students choose Elastisys

Elastisys announce that the company now have seven thesis workers coming from Umeå University.

Seven thesis workers from Umeå University are joining Elastisys. Like previous years, most of the students come from programs in computational science and engineering, solving various of problems in the field. On top of that, also two students of science in business and economics are joining the company.

As a spin-off from Europe’s strongest research group in cloud management, Elastisys are in the forefront of our field. The aim of the company is keeping the connection with the university world to stay relevant, and to find new talent to help with cutting-edge research related projects.