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Emil Byström, CEO SpinChem and newly recruited Edit Björnberg Kalén

The turnover tripled

The turnover tripled

Early February Emil Byström and SpinChem won Biotech Umeå Investment Days pitch competition at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. Now the company has had more success and is making more progress.


– We have been granted patent in China and additional patents in Japan and the US, says Emil Byström


SpinChem has developed a rotating bed reactor (RBR) that can be used in the production of biodiesel, fermented beverages and for the production of ingredients used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


The new patents protects the technique SpinChem has developed; a technique that helps increase efficiency in production and reduces production costs for the customers,  in processes where a fluid has to be in contact with a solid material, such as a catalyst or an adsorbent.


– Our recent increased efforts in marketing and production development are starting to show results, says Emil Byström. Last year our turnover increased by more than 300 percent and the success is enticing us to increase our efforts.


Now SpinChem has introduced a new improved version of the rotating bed reactor for laboratories, and the company recently employed a new bio technician, Edit Björnberg Kalén.

– These are changes that will make it possible for us to help our customers with their different applications in a better way, says Emil Byström.

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Text by: Karin Borge-Renberg

Published: 15 March, 2017

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Karin Borge-Renberg

15 March, 2017