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Three CEOs speaking at network meeting

Three CEOs speaking at network meeting

First out was Kenneth Bodin, CEO of Algoryx in Umeå. Algoryx is a fast-growing company in Umeå, specialized in very fast and accurate real-time simulations, especially for the vehicle industry. He gave a very interesting insight into this company and explained that they had become successful thanks to, among other things, development projects in close cooperation with very demanding customers.

Then Sarah Fredriksson from Genovis in Lund presented her company’s journey that also became a personal journey for her, during which she, with a scientific background and no business expertise, had to develop the new skills necessary to succeed in marketing and sales of her company’s products.

Finally, Karin Ekberg from Umecrine Mood presented how they, as a virtual company with only two employees, successfully has been able to go from university research to clinical studies in phase II, (and actually preparing phase III studies).

The presentations gave interesting insights into how to build and run companies in different ways, and were very appreciated by the audience. The evening ended with an opportunity to mingle and interact over a buffet dinner.

The Biotech Umeå network meetings are recurring events for people working with life science in the Umeå region. They take place twice a year (spring and autumn). Please register for our newsletter if you would like to receive information about upcoming events, like this and others.


Text by: Magdalena Krajewska

Published: 24 November, 2013

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Magdalena Krajewska

24 November, 2013